By John Lim, CTO

As you may have heard, there are two major security vulnerabilities in the wild coined Spectre and Meltdown.  These two vulnerabilities may impact computer, phone and tablet processors dating back to 1995.  TekTegrity is working with major technology vendors to immediately address this situation.

What is TekTegrity doing for you?

  • We have mobilized our NOC team to handle the need to force software updates to over 6000 computers that we manage
  • As Microsoft releases the patches to address these vulnerabilities, we are testing them and pushing them out to you
  • Compatibility checks with Antivirus vendors are also being addressed and updates performed

What can you do to protect your personal computing devices or devices that TekTegrity does not manage?

  • Run Updates to your Antivirus Software Immediately
  • Run System Updates Immediately on your PC and Mac computers, phones, and tablets.


John Lim, CTO
// John, CTO directs our team of technicians in support cases, new project planning, and research and development. John came to TekTegrity after spending ten years as a leader in Cuesta College’s Information Technology Department where he helped make possible Cuesta’s High Tech building, myCuesta portal, and Gmail integration. If you come by the office and there are dozens of donuts, bagels or fresh egg rolls (from San José) in the break room, John is most likely the food fairy who left them. And if he’s not feeding or directing the tech team you might find John having lunch at the Elks Lodge or spot him cruising the coast with his motorcycle gang.