By Jeremy Koellish, COO

Writing a post about getting the most out of your tech support may seem silly to you, like providing tips on how to order a pizza or most efficiently open an envelope. But trust me, there are a few rules of engagement that when kept in mind, can help you get your IT issue solved quickly and as frustration-free as possible.

Rule #1 Clarity is King

When something goes wrong and emotions start to rise, rational thinking is often the first to go. Your email crashes or you can’t seem to access your files and the instinct to just yell out “BAD THING!” takes hold. I have literally seen service tickets that just simply read “HELP!!”. Have that moment. Then let it pass and start taking notes. What happened over the last 24 hours? Did I install a new app? Did I open an attachment in a weird email? Is the problem chronic? Then reach out to your tech and provide him/her with all of the information you have gathered. This

is important because it not only helps your tech diagnose the issue, but helps in making sure that your IT company has assigned the correct technical resource to address your particular issue.

Rule #2 Play Along

Your tech is here to help you. He or she may have a few clarifying questions for you after you have presented your list of symptoms, but this should not be taken as anything other than an expression of his/her genuine desire to help you get working again. You may even be asked to try to make the issue occur again and take a screenshot or write down an error message – this may feel like a fool’s errand to you, but sometimes the solution is found in the process.

Rule #3 Communicate Your 411

We know that fixing your computer is NOT your full time job – so help us come to you while we are working on your issue. Going to work from home later in the day? Great! Let us know the best number to reach you. Heading out to your daughter’s soccer game and will not be available for the rest of the day? No problem – make a plan to check back in with your tech in the morning. This way we can be flexible and productive – win, win.