Chenise, MST

By April Cole Worley

Lucky for us, Chenise’s professional life didn’t work out exactly as she had planned (like most of us, right?). She didn’t start out in IT, she had plans to be an esthetician.

But, Chenise has a competitive side that she nurtured by playing sports – a passion she shared with her father, and she just knew something was missing. “I like to always push myself to be better,” she says with unfaltering confidence.

A born and bred Central Coast native from Paso Robles – her father is from Hanford, her mother is from the Philippines – she never considered leaving the Central Coast for good. “The Central Coast is awesome,” she says “because it is in the center of everything; from chilling at the beach to snowboarding China Peak.”

It was a fateful combination of location and ambition that led Chenise to TekTegrity. Serving as in-house IT support for a large organization for five years, Chenise “learned a lot on the job” but became hungry to learn more. She loves the daily challenges that arise in IT, “it makes me feel productive,” she says.

As far as her thoughts about working in the tech industry, she assumes a fighting stance: “Technically speaking, I enjoy proving myself. With each challenge, I tell myself ‘I can do this!'”

//April studied Political Science at Cal Poly and earned a Master’s Degree with distinction while her young son mastered hula-hooping and surrealist crayon design at the Children’s Center on campus. With a professional background in analysis, reporting, and project management paired with a serious creative streak, April comes to TekTegrity with her eye on the prize: Communicating to the world how TekTegrity’s expertise paired with its people-centric mission provides real value to its clients. You may find April running in the early morning, drinking local Cabs, obsessively reading (shhh!), blogging or poorly throwing a Frisbee toward her son at the beach.