Our Brand Promises

  • First Contact Resolution
    We designed our support team to emphasize resolving your issue on the first call
  • Complex Problem Solving
    We encourage creative problem solving and constantly develop our technical talent
  • Operational Efficiency
    We continually research and implement ways to support our clients faster and more consistently

The Onboarding Process- What to expect as a new client

Daily IT Support

Once you have completed your onboarding, you’re ready to enjoy your enhanced IT experience as you conduct business. Now, when any IT issues arise, you have a go-to source for all your questions: CIO Solutions’ Support Team!

As a valued CIO customer, when you contact support, you’ll be speaking to an agent that knows you by name, knows your account and understands the importance of getting you back to work as quickly as possible.

In addition, your designated Account Manager will be able to help with overseeing your non-technical account needs (including helping you get a new computer, coordinating an internet connection upgrade, or helping get the right internal people focused on a particularly sticky technical issue.)

How do we support you?

With our advanced documentation and knowledge base systems, our technicians can quickly access your business’ pertinent IT information to solve the issue. Additionally, our utilization of remote management tools reduces the need for time consuming on-site visits.

Of course, the tools can only get us so far. What makes CIO Support unique is the ‘above and beyond’ attitude that every agent possesses. This mentality of tenacity, resourcefulness and professional pride creates an experience of customer service that is unlike any seen in the field of IT management.

Contacting Support

Each support request, regardless of how it comes in, is treated with the same level of customer service and professionalism that our clients have come to expect.

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