Resolve your issues on the first call.

The daily task of supporting users is critically important to a business’s productivity. CIO Solutions provides reliable support and effective resolutions to get you back to work.


Solve issues quickly with friendly, expert support

CIO Support is a strategic system of resources designed to provide users access to skilled IT support whenever they need help!

No more tracking IT requests internally, grappling with recurring, or waiting your turn as a single technician works through a backlog of requests.

With CIO support, you and your team have access to a whole system of personable, effective technicians.


Through Intelligent role division, we focus on two main goals: Outstanding Customer Experience and First Contact Resolution. Each support request, regardless of how it comes in, is treated with the same level of customer service and professionalism that our clients have come to expect.

We Designed Our Support System To:

  • Rapidly resolve standard requests
  • Dedicate a team of resources to each client
  • Increase technical insight into unique client environments
  • Strategically organize support requests
  • Enhance response time

CIO Support

Our World-Class Help Desk

Working with a managed service provider gives your business access to many more resources than a small, one-man band. However, if not structured properly, clients can feel like a number. The sense of familiarity can be lost.

We recognize this and designed a unique system of support to provide the best of both worlds:

the familiarity and intimacy of a small, local firm, with the expertise and resources of a large organization.

Why Reliable and Effective IT Support Matters

Quickly getting the answers you need can be the difference between a productive day, and a wasted one.

With CIO Support, your team has a direct line to a solution. No more routing support requests through an internal resource who then passes them along to the IT provider.  No more waiting for your turn while a single technician works through a backlog of requests.

Dedicated support won’t just reduce your downtime. It will increase your efficiency, reduce frustration, and free up your internal resources to do what they do best; their jobs.


But there’s more to successful IT management than just fixing issues as they arise.

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