If you are looking for great IT support in San Luis Obispo (SLO) then you should be prepared to ask the right questions. CIO Solutions has been in business since 1986 supporting many companies in San Luis Obispo and has compiled a list of things to think about when looking for an IT Service Provider that can provide you with great Support.

Is the Service Provider a break/fix or IT Management firm?

Many Service Providers are structured to be break/fix company which means that most of their revenue comes from Dollar Per Hour relationships. This structure inherently is more chaotic than IT management. You will want to make sure you know if you are looking for Break/Fix or IT Management and ensure that the prospective firm can provide they focus on one or the other.

Does the Managed Service Provider have a local presence in San Luis Obispo and if so how many employees?

You may want to ensure that the firm has “critical mass” in SLO if that is important to you. If not you will want to know what aspect of the services stay local and what aspects are from other offices.

What are the capabilities in regards to IT Consulting?

If the firm is able to meet your day to day needs then you will want to understand what other consulting services they might be able to provide later on. You might not need those services right away but it is good to know what additional capabilities they have.

What cloud computing solutions do they offer?

You will want to find out what cloud computing solutions the firm provides since it is likely they overtime you will be moving some or all of your services to the cloud. A good IT Support company will be able to education you on what options exist and what you may be an ideal candidate for.

What is the company culture?

Since they hopefully have a local presence in San Luis Obispo you may want to take a peek at their office. In our experience nothing tells the story of an organizations culture like seeing it in action.