Your Local lT Community?
Santa Barbara – I love it here. Let’s face it – Santa Barbara is a small town by almost any standard, and that’s what makes it special, at least amongst countless other reasons such as its natural beauty, relaxed culture, delicious farmers’ market produce and world-famous restaurants, so on and so forth. Obvious as the statement may be, have you ever thought about what makes a small town feel like a small town? Well, to begin with, the size of the population – OK yeah, of course, that’s the easy answer. And, is being a small town a good thing? Well, I’m guessing that most people in Santa Barbara aren’t living here by accident, so let’s call that a definite “yes, the small town feature/feeling/experience is a very good thing”, at least from the perspective of the audience reading this article.
So what’s the secret? What’s the special sauce that makes living and working in Santa Barbara so savory? Here it is – Santa Barbara is primarily local. As Santa Barbarians, we can still boast that we typically see a few friends on any given day just walking around downtown, while having lunch at the non-chain deli, or while hiking the crisp (but open) front-country trails at our doorsteps. There is still a strong sense of community, and that makes for happy constituents any day of the week . . . and, as I alluded to earlier, it’s definitely an attribute worth keeping and fighting for.
I have worked at CIO Solutions, a local IT Support company, since 1996 for the same reasons I love Santa Barbara. We are a family that truly cares for each other, our clients, business partners, and our local community. We enjoy a culture at work that very few people ever get to experience in their lifetime, especially in the age of mega-corporations and mass-produced “you-name-it”. I feel that it’s important to keep business local, just as many are beginning to understand the importance of keeping our other resources such as water, food, and human expertise local as well. We’ve all experienced the implications of the alternative in some aspect of our lives by now. Reliance on our local community is what will sustain Santa Barbara now and well into the future. Let’s make sure it’s all still here tomorrow.
Andrew West
CTO, CIO Solutions