CIO Solutions is one of many options an organization in San Luis Obispo has to support their IT environment. In fact, in San Luis Obispo there are many other options for good IT Service Providers and the most important thing when making a decision is to be educated on your options. The goal should be to ensure you end up with the Managed Service Provider that is right for your organization rather.

Other players that we have heard great things about in San Luis Obispo are Clever Ducks, ITech Solutions, TechXpress to name a few. A quick call to their sales teams and you should be off on your way to understanding how they work with customers and how you may benefit from their services. Of course, you should also be considering CIO Solutions in that list.If CIO Solutions should be on that list, why would we list our competitors you might ask? The answer is that it is much more important for customers to end up with the right match than it is to win business that isn’t a good fit. In our business, 90% of our customer relationships last more than 7 years and many longer than 15. This means we consider our relationships partnerships rather and dislike the term “vendor relationship” which tends to marginalize the value derived from each party. Entering into a partnership without ensuring the right fit and cultural match can create negative energy and be toxic for both organizations employee culture.

Our approach is to new customers involves ensuring a great match of our services and our culture to customer business requirements and their culture. This includes office tours and meeting with executives on both sides of the table to ensure that the company vision and direction of each organization is understood. We find that the more we understand the customer’s business and direction the more our advice and guidance can have a bottom line impact.

If you are looking for a quick quote or simply a new piece of hardware all of those companies, including us can help, but most likely it is not the approach to a new relationship that they prefer.

In San Luis Obispo in particular, pay special attention to go through the sales approach and relationship approach as recommended by the Managed Service Provider. This will maximize the changes that you get the right expertise and right partnership.