Meridian Group has selected CIO Solutions to be their partner in building and supporting their IT infrastructure which will provide high-speed, wireless internet access to students residing in their Isla Vista properties.
Santa Barbara – September 15, 2010 Meridian Group, a local Real Estate Management company, has chosen CIO Solutions to design, implement and support a new wireless network for their Isla Vista properties. CIO helped Meridian with the network design and addressed security issues, accessibility problems and management concerns.
After CIO implements the solution they will also be assisting with the on-going support and maintenance of the system. Eric Egolf, VP of Operations for CIO Solutions stated, “CIO Solutions provided Meridian with a flexible, scalable, feature-rich, and manageable system.” He went on to say, “Design and implementation aren’t the only parts of the picture. Since solutions such as these will typically be active for 5-7 years, it is important to address support options for the maintenance and upkeep of such systems. CIO Solutions offers our customers professional implementation services along with comprehensive support and management.”
After working with CIO, Meridian will be able to offer reliable and secure Internet access to the student who reside in their Isla Vista properties. According to Sean Gill, lead CIO engineer for the project, the needed wireless capabilities spanned multiple sites and covered over 400 residents. He stated that Meridian will be using authentication measures to ensure that accessibility is limited to their residents. Gill was confident that this investment would increase the companies’ bottom line by “attracting new lessees with the lure of free WiFi”.
Rob Kooyman, President of Meridian Group, stated “We enjoyed working with the CIO team for this project. They helped us navigate through the technical and security issues that came up around the project. They have also helped with the day-to-day operational issues and ongoing support.”
Meridian Group has been serving Santa Barbara and Goleta since 1999 and is committed to serving their community and finds value in working with other local companies. For more information on Meridian Group, visit their website at
CIO Solutions has been providing the Tri-County Area with IT services and support since 1986. For more information on CIO Solutions, visit their website at
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