Microsoft Teams- Adoption

The work from home requirement has forced many business decision makers to reassess their technology and tools at their disposal. Before, adopting new tools was often viewed as a convenience rather than a necessity. However, in today’s dispersed, work from home model, businesses are not only realizing the need for transformation, but motivated to adopt new solutions. Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool providing businesses the power of best of breed tools in one integrated package.

Microsoft Teams is a valuable solution in a variety of scenarios including:

Businesses currently using a mix of software solutions: 

Integrate them into the Microsoft Teams platform. By doing this, you can access all your current software solutions and more from one place.

    • Zoom
    • Slack
    • ShareFile
    • Dropbox
    • SharePoint

Businesses looking for tools:  

Businesses looking for solutions to enhance their communication and productivity can achieve extraordinary value from many of the features that Teams can provide including:

  • Video Conferencing
  • File Sharing
  • File Storage
  • Messaging

Our Approach

True and effective adoption of a new technology tool is not just as simple as deciding to use it, signing up for a package, and hoping everything works out.

In reality, implementing a business software tool is 25% technical and 75% adoption. CIO Solutions is well suited to lead adoption of MS Teams into our customer environments.

Dedicated Adoption Engineer

We have a dedicated trainer that is the perfect mix of educator and technologist. The Adoption Engineer:

    • Works with you and your team to set reasonable goals
    • Defines the agenda each week
    • Ensures the right internal roles are defined

We realize that adopting new tools and adjusting your business workflow around them can be a daunting tasks. We prefer to take the “how do you eat and elephant approach…one bite at a time.”

Request for Free Consultation

Quoting for your business needs

In providing a quote we look at the variables that impact the effort and cost. It allows small business and large businesses to get the right amount of help. We can make the process simple and do what we call a “generic adoption process” or get more granular.

A full adoption process would take into account:

    1. How many weeks the adoption process should last- We recommend no less than a 6 week process for any company. 
    2. How many workflows we will want to integrate into teams on the first round of adoption – We recommend starting with a smaller number at first to ensure value is driven. This also allows the organization to understand its tolerance and pace of adoption for harder or more complex workflows.
    3. Which features of Microsoft Teams will be used (file share, Video conferencing, webinars, Forms, etc.)
    4. How many departments to include and ensure that the stakeholders of those departments are involved.
    5. If new hardware will be needed (for instance, should video conferencing or phones be part of the adoption).
    6. Requirements for power BI and integration with external data sources to determine if we need to bring in a partner for some custom programming.

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