Printing Options for Home use and Small to Medium Sized Businesses
By: Ryan Popke and Michael Biancone

Purchasing a printer for your home or small business is often one of the more difficult experiences due to the vast array of choices and components. Inkjet vs. laser, type of cartridges, printed pages per minute, it all can get a bit confusing when you are at the store ready to put one in the cart. In this article we are going to review three different printers for home and small to medium sized businesses.
First up is the Canon PIXMA iP3600 Inkjet Photo Printer. This unit is great for home or student use due to its inexpensive ink cartridges and photo printing capabilities. This printer uses 1 black and 3 color cartridges for a total cost of approximately $55 per complete refill.
Students can print out homework at a brisk 26 pages per minute, and in photo mode it will print out a 4″ X 6″ full color photo in 41 seconds. You can even print from a digital camera or camera phone with the correct connections.
This printer comes with a standard 1 year warranty from Canon and is our overall top pick for home or student use.

Next up we have the HP Officejet Pro 8000 A809N Network Printer. This printer is intended for small business use with a light to medium printing load. One of the nice features of this printer is the wireless printing. You can configure several laptops around the office to print to the single printer.
With 35 pages per minute this printer is one of the faster printers that are currently available and it only uses 1 black and 3 color cartridges, which keeps the total refill cost down to around $50. As with the previous printer this printer includes a 1 year warranty through HP.

Finally we have the HP LaserJet CP2020 Laser Printer. This printer is designed for heavier office use and is designed for medium sized business with average print needs of approximately 2000-4000 pages a month. This printer can provide 21 pages per minute consistently, delivering printer reliability which is requirement for larger offices. With 1 black and 3 color cartridges the total refill cost is around $440, but that amount of ink will let you print over 2800 full color spreadsheets or 3500 sheets of plain black text.

Whatever your printing needs are we can help educate you on the available models that fit your use and budget requirements. Give us a call if you have any questions, 805-692-6700 .