What is the CIO Private Cloud?

A business’ most important asset is its data and key applications. Having the ability to access that data securely and flexibly from anywhere and from any device can be a productivity game-changer.

CIO’s private cloud services enable businesses to store their data and applications offsite in our secure data center. Users can then log into the CIO Private Cloud portal and access their desktop anywhere, anytime, with nothing but a device and an Internet connection. Since data is not limited to being stored on your physical computer, you can quickly and securely jump between devices hassle-free.

Imagine the possibilities

Your company has multiple offices, and you travel to one for the day but forgot your laptop. The day is not wasted! Simply log on to an available workstation and connect to the cloud!

You are going to work from a coffee shop for the day, or you’re working from home and need to still get a few things handled to keep projects moving forward.

Fire up your laptop, connect to the Internet, and log into the cloud. You’re working in seconds, and don’t have to spend time setting up all your tools. Your desktop is ready and waiting for you!

What would this mean for: 

SECURITY THE FACILITY– Instead of storing your data at your office, it is stored in our data center in Las Vegas. This facility is guarded by heavy physical security and is SOC 2 Type I and II certified (by independent audit).


  • One Username
  • Multi factor authentication available
  • Meets all modern security standards such as HIPAA and PCI
REDUNDANCY Failure of hardware does not take down your network.  Servers can seamlessly be moved to cloud hardware in the incident of hardware failure.
RECOVERY Providing better replication, backup, and faster recovery than most premise-based networks, we can quickly recover anything that is lost for any reason.
MAINTENANCE Utilizing a secure cloud solution eliminates in-house server rack maintenance and servicing, while providing much better availability and reliability. This is especially beneficial because, typically, companies need to upgrade physical hardware every few years. This translates into significant cost savings: server rooms, cooling, backup replication, and of course new servers and other hardware.
SUPPORT Because the cloud environment is very standardized, our team of technicians is trained to resourcefully and swiftly resolve any issues you may encounter with the CIO Private Cloud. Our Rapid Response Team has a proven record of being able to resolve 80% of your issues on the first call.
SCALABILITY Quickly growing companies won’t feel the pinch as they add people; the cloud environment can be seamlessly upgraded behind the scenes with more resources and capacity.

Cloud is not a fit for every business

Our experienced vCIOs will work with you to determine the ideal solutions for your business whether that is cloud or premise-based. Our team is committed to providing yours with the tools you need to perform, succeed, and grow.

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