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The CIO Private Cloud

One of your business’s most important assets is your data.

Flexible, secure access to that data can be a productivity game-changer. With the CIO Private Cloud, businesses store their data and applications offsite in our secure data center. No more maintaining and updating on-premise servers yourself! Users then log into the CIO Private Cloud portal and access their desktop anywhere, anytime.

The CIO Private Cloud is not just a product; it is a holistic business IT solution.

The Cloud is managed and supported by our team of expert technicians and specialized engineers. With constant innovation from our dedicated cloud services director and daily support from our experts, it is the local solution to many of your IT needs. Businesses using the CIO Private Cloud benefit from a fully managed solution, a team of expert resources, and premier Citrix technology.

Business Benefits of the CIO Private Cloud

Why it’s an IT game-changer

The CIO Private Cloud provides businesses with a baseline of industry-standard best practices (security, updates, back-ups, etc.). With these essential technical needs met, businesses can focus on the strategic role of their IT.

With increased security capabilities, decreased hardware costs, and unparalleled flexibility, the CIO solutions private cloud enables your business to stop focusing on the small issues and move into a more strategic position.


Consistency & Flexibility

  • Consistent experience across devices
  • Enhance existing workflows
  • Eliminate adjustment time to set up a new device
  • Consistent access to files and applications
  • Use any device (Apple, Google Microsoft, Android, Linux endpoints)
  • No need for a VPN client- just Internet access

Security & Control

  • Control security standards across all devices
  • Easily update applications across all devices
  • Seamlessly apply new security features and applications to all users
  • Access corporate applications on personal devices without compromising security

Business Operation

  • Requires less capital and equipment
  • Increase collaboration and availability of tools
  • Automated updates and operational consistency
  • Extend the life of PCs
  • Eliminate in-house server maintenance and refreshes
  • Add/remove users easily

How does it work?


Cloud desktops are a combination of your server and your desktop.

Your virtual desktop and server are stored in one secure, off-site location, not in the office or on your physical device.


Pick up where you left off 

Logging in. As easy as 1-2-3

    1. From any device go to
    2. Enter your login credentials
    3. Resume work on your corporate desktop- just as you left it

The CIO Private Cloud vs. Traditional In-House Server Models

Traditionally, businesses owned their own servers and kept them onsite. These servers housed all the company’s data and were accessed by a shared network. Each employee had a physical workstation with all their applications installed on that device (think Word, Excel, email, etc.). They would access the shared network and perform work on this physical device.

Challenges with traditional models: 

Tied to the physical office Data can only be accessed through the shared network
Tied to a physical workstation Using a different PC means you need to reinstall applications and set up the desktop on the new device
Inconsistent applications Everyone’s applications need to be updated one by one. Employees may be on different versions
Ongoing server upkeep and maintenance Costs and risks of maintaining servers include temperature control, power maintenance, and hardware refreshes

With the Cloud, NO MORE:

  • re-installing applications on a new workstation
  • losing valuable work if your laptop dies
  • worrying about accessing/updating files on a shared network.

Untether your productivity.

With the CIO Private Cloud, work is no longer restricted to a physical location or dependent on a specific machine

Where Does it FIt?

Cloud Solutions in Modern Business

Businesses today find that cloud solutions (in various forms) offer significant operational advantages.

These solutions are often key to connecting employees and enhancing workflows.

The CIO Private Cloud & Your Business

Shifting from owning onsite servers to storing your data in an offsite data center can seem daunting. 

Some businesses are not ready to fully shift their operations to the cloud.

Luckily, the CIO Private Cloud is not an all-or-nothing solution. There are options for transitioning some users, some servers, etc.

For other businesses, a private cloud solution is not the best fit for their business model.

Wherever your business is in your technology stack evolution, our experts can help you determine the best solutions and evaluate where the CIO Private Cloud can fit.

Contact our team today to see how the CIO Private Cloud can enhance your business’s IT journey.

The CIO Private Cloud desktop is the next level of modernization for your business technology.

It is more than just a software solution to bridge a single workflow gap.

It is a shift in infrastructure, equipping your business with FLEXIBILITY, SCALABILITY, and SECURITY at a foundational level.

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