Craig Godbout

By April Cole Worley

On a Mission

Craig started walking at an unusually young age. Prompted by something that caught his eye in the kitchen, he simply stood up, took a few steps and strode across the room with unyielding purpose. Everything Craig accomplished after that point followed the same model; inspiration, strategy, action. From reading to mathematics and onto physics and technology, Craig thoroughly enjoyed exercising his mental muscle above all else.

Family First

“I always had a natural aptitude for math and physics,” Craig says. “And everything just fell out from there.” Including almost falling out of school after a teacher accused him of cheating. “She thought there was no way that I did as well as I did on a certain test,” Craig tells me. “And the teacher called my dad at work and, man, did she get an earful!”

Craig’s parents always had his back. When accused of cheating at school, they came to his defense without question. When he was at home and eager to learn, his mom and dad would feed him books and math problems and watch as he “tore through” everything they could provide. “You could say I was a handful,” Craig says with a laugh.

Challenge Accepted

For a guy who loves to keep his brain active, IT was the perfect career choice. “I have always loved breaking stuff and putting it back together,” Craig says. “That’s why I like IT,” he continues, “because of the problem solving required. There is always a more efficient way of doing things, and I enjoy the challenge of finding that way.”

When asked what he would like to be doing in ten years, Craig answered simply,” I just want to stay busy.” And then after a moment of silence, a hint of Craig the curious toddler running into the kitchen completes the thought. “I just don’t ever want to get bored.”

//April studied Political Science at Cal Poly and earned a Master’s Degree with distinction while her young son mastered hula-hooping and surrealist crayon design at the Children’s Center on campus. With a professional background in analysis, reporting, and project management paired with a serious creative streak, April comes to TekTegrity with her eye on the prize: Communicating to the world how TekTegrity’s expertise paired with its people-centric mission provides real value to its clients. You may find April running in the early morning, drinking local Cabs, obsessively reading (shhh!), blogging or poorly throwing a Frisbee toward her son at the beach.