Josh Erdman & R2D2

By Josh Erdman, Senior Consultant

For almost 20 years, local tech organization Softec* has been working to promote technology on the Central Coast. From VC events like Tech Pitch and Startup Weekend to Dinner Panels, Open Houses, and TechBrew. These events have facilitated what we call ‘Softec Moments’. Moments when ideas are created, key people come together, businesses are formed, and connections are made.Robotics Rules

This ongoing passion of technology, ideas, and networking have helped Robotics programs sprout up in almost all our local high schools and is quickly trickling down to the middle and elementary schools. This year will be our 7th annual Robotics Expo where over $6,000 will be donated to local high school Robotics Programs.

Robotics is everywhere and GROWING. But instead of moving on and looking for the next big thing, we are doubling-down and propelling school robotics to the next level and that means treating Robotics like a sport.

Robotics programs have long-term benefits on a students’ education and future career. By coupling the momentum of STEAM education and the teamwork and competition of Robotics organizations like FIRST, MATE, and VEX – recognizing Robotics as a sport is the next logical step. Missouri and Texas have already taken this step and California needs to be next.

This growing movement is focused on Robotics as a ‘Sport for the Mind‘ and fueled by universities (Bradley, UT Dallas, Minnesota State) and large organizations (FedEx, Qualcomm). Now Softec is added to the list and we ask you to join us

*TekTegrity is a proud sponsor of Softec.

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