Santa Barbara Private Cloud Computing For the Small Business

Santa Barbara often follows the trends set forth in the metro area markets such as LA, New York and Chicago. Cloud Computing is no exception. Cloud Computing is a trend in how companies pay for computing needs as well as where the computers are hosted. Typically payment is made monthly based on usage and the computers are hosted off site in a Data Center.

Small Business often times have a hard time understanding exactly how Cloud Computing can benefit them. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that most language and marketing with Cloud Computing is aimed at large enterprises with a substantial web presence.

Luckily, if you are a Small Business in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo or Ventura there is CIO Solutions. We offer PRIVATE cloud computing solutions that are aimed at helping the small business. We define small business as 10-100 employees.

CIO Solutions does not offer PUBLIC cloud computing but rather PRIVATE cloud computing. The term private is used to designate the increased security and the fact that the customer is getting dedicated servers rather than shared servers. Security is at the forefront off everyone’s mind especially the small business owner. Our Solution includes Network Support, IT Support, Help Desk Support all for a monthly per user fee. So not only does the small business owner get to fix his or her IT costs they also get increased security compared to what they are use to.

In addition our Private Cloud Computing solution is built on tier 1 hardware and using the industries best and most reliable software. CIO Solutions vast experience with Enterprise Technologies such as Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft Exchange and Windows Server have enabled us to deliver reliability and Security that is unmatched.