How do I check my voicemail?

From your Shoretel phone, it’s as simple as pressing the voicemail button and entering your password. From within the Call Manager software, you can access a visual inbox by left clicking the orange Shoretel icon to open the context menu, and mousing over the Windows tab. Once expanded, there should be a Voicemail option. Clicking that will open a new window with a list of current, saved, and recently deleted voicemail files. These can be sorted via the bar along the top. Each voicemail can be double left-clicked to playback over the phone’s receiver or speakerphone. In addition, each message can be right-clicked to generate a context menu with more advanced features, including the options to forward to another Shoretel phone on the same system, or to export the voicemail to a .wav file to be easily emailed or transferred to a system outside Shoretel.

Can I have my voicemails emailed to me automatically?

Yes you can! Navigate to the options menu, either via the orange icon or the menu bars along the top. Within the options menu, there is a sub-section for Voice Mail, left click that line to focus the window. In the right-hand pane, look for a “Notification delivery options:” drop-down menu. Expand the drop-down and note the options. Shoretel can either email you an automatic notification that you’ve received an email, or package the voicemail into a .wav file and email that directly to you. In either case, once you’ve selected a notification option, be sure to provide a valid email that you’d like to receive your messages at.

How do I assign my extension to a Shoretel phone?

On the phone you want to take over, pick up the receiver and press the voicemail key. The auto-attendant will begin asking for the current user’s voicemail password. You can interrupt this message by pressing a key, specified by your company. While this does vary, typical options include #, *, ## and **. Once interrupted, the attendant will request the mailbox extension of the user you’re trying to access. Input your extension, followed by your voicemail password and then the # key. You should now be in the main menu for your Shoretel account. Press 7 to access the mailbox options menu. Option 3 will reassign your extension to the phone you’re on, and option 1 will finalize that choice.

In short:

Voicemail button

Interrupt sequence (#,*, ## or **)

Input your extension

Input your voicemail password followed by #

Option 7

Option 3

Option 1

What is “Park”?

Park is a feature that allows a user to transfer a call into a holding tank at another user’s extension. How is this different from a plain transfer? There are several major differences. Parking a call keeps it active in the queue, rather than ringing to voicemail after the preset number of rings. There is a different limit set for a parked call, usually 60 seconds. After the limit is reached, the call will ring back to the original extension. Quick example:

Mike is calling to speak with Chase, I answer the call. I see that Chase is not at his desk, but I know he’s in the building. I manage to flag him down to say that Mike is on the line. Chase will take Mike’s call, but needs to get back to his desk. I park Mike on Chase’s line, giving Chase 60 seconds to get the call. If he doesn’t get there, Mike will ring back to me, and I can try again, or see if Chase can take a direct transfer.