SpamTitan Quarantine Tuning

SpamTitan Quarantine filters can be tuned by individual users to help the engine work best for them.  Whitelists and Blacklists can be modified by the individual, while an Outlook plug-in and change of spam score threshold can be modified by CIO Solutions Support.

To modify your individual Whitelists and Blacklists:

  1. Login to your SpamTitan Quarantine mailbox by scrolling to the bottom of your daily quarantine report and clicking the link highlighted below.
  2. Click on Filter Rules tab from the top left, then ‘User Whitelist’ or ‘User Blacklist’ to edit.
  3. You can then add either a specific email address or an entire domain to allow or block.  Click Add… to begin.

Contact CIO Solutions Support to adjust the following options: 

Outlook Plug-in

Additionally, an Outlook Plug-in can be installed that allows you to mark an email that made it through the spam filter as “spam”.

Please contact CIO Solutions Support to install the plug-in.

Adjust Spam Score Threshold

Finally, there is an option to change the spam score threshold higher or lower.  Each email is given a score that indicates how likely it is to be spam – the higher the value, the more likely.  Emails over the default score of 5 are considered spam, and are quarantined.

If too many legitimate emails are being blocked, or too many spam emails are being allowed through, this value can be adjusted.

If you need to change this value, please contact CIO Solutions Support.