Supplemental IT

Additional expertise and supplemental IT services to round out your existing IT department.

Many businesses with internal IT can benefit from supplemental solutions, whether that is daily support, big picture consulting and strategy, or co-managed services. CIO Solutions offers options to help customize and further enhance the existing capabilities of your current IT team.

We collaborate with your business executives and current internal IT to determine which solutions are the best fit for your unique operations. We work with you to get you on the right track for your future goals.


What Are Supplemental IT Services? 

We become an extension of your IT

Depending on your current technology needs and business size, you may already have internal IT systems in place. This may be a support team for fielding daily IT requests, or an IT administrator overseeing the network and maintenance.

Whatever the current situation, as you continue to develop your IT solutions, gaps may become more apparent, and that additional services are needed.


IT Strategy & Direction

Not sure where to start with defining your IT strategy and direction? Concerned about making big changes too quickly? CIO Solutions provides objective insight to help your company define your IT strategy.

COLLABORATE – Strategic directions integrate with existing IT staff and optimize based on existing solutions and knowledge.

STRATEGIZE – Co-create your direction forward. Strategies align with your priorities and goals.

EVALUATE – Get options for how to arrive where you’d like to be. With guidance from additional experts, see the big picture and all your options, then choose how quickly or slowly you’d prefer to move.

CONSERVE – Only change what adds value to your business. Preserve and enhance what is working.

OWN – Assistance with creating governance structures such as establishing an IT Steering Committee for future strategy input.

Bridge Support Services

When transitioning technology or in the process of growing, sometimes extra assistance is needed. With CIO Solutions bridge support, get access to temporary resources and expertise to assist you as you return to a comfortable norm.

STABILIZE – Options for short term and mid-term assistance with a wide range of IT department aspects.

FOCUS – Direct attention exactly where it is needed – Desktop Support, Server and Network Support, etc.

STANDARDIZE – Options for standardization.

1- Provide your existing, defined standards for the dedicated resource to adhere to your existing standards -OR-

2- Utilize CIO’s standards and leverage the opportunity to apply this set of standards within this partnership period.

Co-Managed Services

Sometimes, rather than spreading your IT department across all responsibilities of managing IT, it makes sense to off-load a specific responsibly to a trusted partner. This allows both teams, yours and ours, to focus on what they excel at.

IDENTIFY –  What tasks are your internal resources excelling at and what are they overwhelmed with? Determine what you need to delegate. We can help!

Options for:

    • Help Desk
    • Patching
    • Remote Network
    • Server Admin.
    • Monitoring
    • Backup
    • Disaster Recovery

OPTIMIZE – Options for enterprise tools and business intelligence dashboards to make both parties more productive and provide equal visibility

Experiencing any of these challenges?

Consider CIO Solutions Supplemental IT

–  Internal IT department is overwhelmed

–  Lack of confidence in IT plan, IT staff, or system

–  IT has been identified as critical to company progress but the next steps are unclear

–  Questioning if you need minor structural changes or have major gaps in IT

–  Don’t want to compromise the current IT plan by making overhauling changes

You’re not alone! It is common for companies with 75-300 users and an internal IT staff of 1-4 to reach a point of introspection regarding their IT solutions

Business Benefits of Supplemental IT

We work with you to understand your unique current state and customize our advice and solutions to those needs.

Expert Strategic Guidance

    • Investment & staffing advice
    • Well-defined, strategic direction (leveraging our engineers, consultants, and business executives in the process)
    • Real-world expertise from 30+ years of industry experience
    • Best practices across 300 diverse clients

Planning and Investment Clarity

    • Flexibility on how you transition to any new systems
    • New investments customized and aligned with clear, defined strategy
    • Strategic clarity and IT focus for company executives

Preservation of Existing Assets

    • Collaboration with existing IT staff on current processes
    • Valuable process insights and comprehensive strategies for existing IT staff
    • Solutions for your current needs and unique environment

Determining Your Direction

Determining the best supplemental IT services to complement your business requires a collaborative approach. At a high level, we first work to understand your pain points, define your goals, and determine what needs to be done to move your business forward.

Here’s how we do it.


VISION – Meet With Executive Team

  • Understand corporate strategy- including growth and profitability as well as the role that IT plays in achieving this
  • Communicate about the current perception of IT challenges from an executive perspective
  • Determine previous decision-making process in regards to IT

CURRENT USE Meet With Existing IT Staff

  • Learn about current issues and problems from a hands-on technical perspective
  • Understand current IT decision-making process
  • Define the current state of technology and applications


  • Asset Age and Software Versions
  • LAN/WAN Design
  • Asset Performance and KPI
  • Identity and Policy Architecture, i.e. Active Directory, Azure AD


PLAN Present Investment Directions with Estimated CapEx, OpEx

  • Premise-Based Solutions
  • Cloud Desktops
  • Public Cloud Services

DELIBERATE Further Analysis/Presentation for Additional Stakeholders

  • Ensure that direction is embraced by all necessary parties
  • Address any concerns and make necessary adjustments


IMPLEMENT – Applying chosen solutions

  • Determine ultimate direction
  • It is then possible to move forward with the next steps for implementation

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