Brian Menge

By April Cole Worley

Brian was a free-range child.

Growing up in the foothills outside of Modesto, California, he spent a lot of time running wild with his older brother in the surrounding fields. Maybe this is why Brian is such a tough nut to crack- he’s an adventurer, not a talker. But I wanted to feature him as tech of the month because not only is he a great technician and supervisor, but his humor is quick and when it hits it takes you (pleasantly) off-guard.

Brian starts by telling me that as he grew up, his love of the outdoors grew right along with him. Camping with his family, long hunting excursions, snowboarding trips and rafting the Toulumne River were the settings for some of his fondest memories.

After high school, Brian went on to study graphic design and earned a degree from Fresno State. Shortly thereafter he started a web design business but soon grew bored of staring at code all day.

But he hadn’t grown tired of technology altogether and fell into IT much like most technicians do – by helping other people with their computers. It wasn’t long before Brian realized he was quite technically minded, and in fact, had an aptitude for IT.

Brian tells me he really enjoys the problem-solving aspect IT provides, and I believe him, but I can tell from his voice that it is being out in nature that really feeds his soul.

“You’re a real nature boy,” I say.

“No, I’m a country boy,” Brian corrects me.

“What’s the difference?” I ask.

“My neck is redder.”


//April studied Political Science at Cal Poly and earned a Master’s Degree with distinction while her young son mastered hula-hooping and surrealist crayon design at the Children’s Center on campus. With a professional background in analysis, reporting, and project management paired with a serious creative streak, April comes to TekTegrity with her eye on the prize: Communicating to the world how TekTegrity’s expertise paired with its people-centric mission provides real value to its clients. You may find April running in the early morning, drinking local Cabs, obsessively reading (shhh!), blogging or poorly throwing a Frisbee toward her son at the beach.