by Andrew West, CTO
Some days at work are definitely more notable than others, and today is one of those exceptional days.
We’ve been providing fully-featured virtualization solutions to our clients for a number of years now, mostly with VMware’s ESX (now called vSphere in version 4 of the product line). Traditionally, these solutions were reserved for organizations with “a lot” of servers (5 or more) and or more IT budget, since features such as vMotion – the real-time migration of a virtual server from one physical server to another with zero downtime – were only available if a pricey shared storage solution was available.
That was then, this is now.
An ingenious company (now one of our partners) called StorMagic has developed software (SvSAN) that enables the use of local server storage as shared storage amongst your virtual host servers, i.e. we can load up an HP server with relatively inexpensive hard drives and make that storage available to all virtual host servers. Not only that, but we can mirror this storage to another similar server so that an entire host server running your virtual servers could fail and everything would automatically fail over to your second host server.
In short, we can now run up to approximately 15-20 servers on just 2 physical servers AND still provide full operational functionality automatically if one of those physical servers fails for whatever reason.
This is a huge deal and is worth writing home about. Cut your server hardware costs, energy bills (electricity, cooling), save space, make your servers portable and fully redundant, and spend more time working on your business rather than working in it. It is a quad-win all around! If you’ve been hesitant to virtualize, SvSAN is the key to finally get you where you know you need to be.
You can download and test SvSAN for free here. Use promo key CIOSolutions09