At CIO Solutions, technology is our area of expertise

That expertise not only encompasses physical hardware and networking, but also business use, adoption, and implementation of technology.

Especially in the work from home era, technology tools and strategies are where businesses will find their attention is focused.

To help with this, our webinar sessions will be concentrated on strategies, tools, and implementation methods to better equip businesses with the knowledge they need to fully leverage and mature their technological environment for success.

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Reducing Your Risk with Multi-Factor Authentication
Original date: February 4, 2021
Overview of Webinar

How we work has changed dramatically. Businesses like yours have adapted to operate effectively with the changing times, but you’re not the only ones. Bad actors have honed in on the most effective email phishing methods, and instances of these sophisticated (and virtually undetectable) tactics are on the rise.

The traditional security measures many businesses have in place need to evolve as well to stay ahead of these threats. This is where additional precautions, like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) come in. Learn more about this tool and its place in the current reality.

Recommendations- Holiday Upgrades
Original date: December 2, 2020
Overview of Webinar
The biggest shopping season of the year is right around the corner. As we head into this time, a lot of us may be considering taking advantage of big sales and upgrading personal technology devices. Our experts have some suggestions for making sure that you find the most compatible and long-lasting product the first time around!
Why would CIO Solutions, a managed service provider for business, be giving suggestions for personal technology devices?
WFH has put consumer devices into corporate environments. Although we would love for all WFH environments to have business class devices we recognize that this isn’t always possible. Accordingly, we can help shape your purchases to ensure better security and functionality, and at the very least, help you think through your purchase before you buy that Costco special.


Business IT Tips Webinar Series

Navigating Through the Noise
This is a collection of topics to help businesses with planning, understanding their options, and making proactive decisions about their technology solutions in the wake of a reactive time (COVID-19 precautions). 
We pulled topics from conversations with our Strategic Client Services team, our clients, and our business communities. 

Getting Rid of Your Servers for Good. Intro to Cloud Solutions

No doubt in recent months, “the cloud” has become an overused term. What’s the big deal with the cloud? What’s the difference between public cloud applications and private cloud? Where might all these solutions fit in your current tech environment? We’re breaking it all down for you.

What you’ll learn:
· What are the different types of cloud solutions?
· Technology stack evolution- where does it all fit?
· Getting rid of your servers- the cloud desktop
· Other cloud options- MS Teams

Is Your IT Provider a World-Class Partner?

In the wake of COVID-19, has your business IT been a major pain point, or a source of peace and stability? Are you able to get support and guidance when you need it? Are you confident that your team is able to work effectively no matter what may come next? Here are some questions you should be asking as you assess your IT resources moving forward. We’re breaking it all down for you in this week’s webinar!

What you’ll learn:
· How to evaluate your IT partner’s ability to support your business
· What qualities make up a world-class IT partner
· How prepared is your business IT for whatever’s next?

Returning to the Office- Is IT Part of your Plan?

Expecting to show up at the office and resume work as usual? Think again. Here are the things you’ll need to plan for before your team shows up in house.

What you’ll learn:
· How to identify your IT planning needs
· Tips for creating a return to office IT strategy
· Suggestions for executing your strategy
· Additional things to think about in this transition: email security & new tools you may have adopted in the WFH phase

Haven't Adopted These Tools?- Your business is behind

Top communication tools- chat & video & their benefit in a normal business environment.

As soon as companies had to move to remote operations, the ones who had no alternative tools to in-person communication felt the sting. Learn about how these tools (chat and video conferencing) can make all the difference in your business now and in the future.

What you’ll learn:
· Chat tools- how written communication can increase your productivity and bring your team closer.
· Video conferencing- what tools are available and do they have a place in your business when you return to the office?

New Remote Work Tools- Keep Them or Dump Them?

Long-term planning for the new tools acquired when working from home.
Do you keep them or dump them? If keeping them, how can you optimize them? How can you get more traction with adoption?

What you’ll learn:
· Evaluating how a tool fits in your workflows
· Tips for deciding whether to keep or dump a tool
· Methods for increasing company-wide adoption of tools

Top Tips for Preventing a Phishing Attack

Email Safety Best Practices to remember.
In recent months there has been a rise in email hacking and phishing attempts- here are the top tips you and your employees need to know and practice to stay safe.

What you’ll learn:
· Top strategies for email safety in uncertain times
· Think it can’t happen to you? Examples of simple missteps and how to avoid them
· Additional methods for preventing hacking

Leveraging Microsoft Teams

Why “Leveraging Microsoft Teams”?
Businesses everywhere have been evaluating tools to keep their teams connected and empowered to perform productively. Microsoft Teams has quickly established itself as a powerful hub for remote work.

Already have solutions in place? Learn how (and why) existing tools such as Zoom, ShareFile, and Slack can integrate into this platform for an all-in-one hub.

Still looking for solutions? Consider the built-in tools available in Microsoft Teams including File Sharing, Video Conferencing and Modern Communications .

Discover how this robust platform can empower the productivity of your team.

In this webinar we review various key functions of Microsoft Teams

    • File Sharing – how it works and uses where it can replace a traditional mapped drive
    • Video Conferencing – what the video conferencing capabilities of Microsoft Teams are, particularly in contrast to Zoom
    • Collaboration – the Instant Messenger feature of Teams and important concepts to consider
    • Team and Channel Design – how teams and channels are created and what to keep in mind when designing them
    • Forms – integrating Microsoft Forms into the Teams platform
    • Power BI – how you can bring in data and use power BI as a reporting and visualization tool

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WFH Tools- Remote Optimization Series

WFH Tools-An overview of the business tools we use at CIO Solutions

Previously, these tools enabled our team to communicate effectively across multiple offices. In the current business climate, they enable our team to do the same while working from home.