Work from Home

Businesses are settling into a work from home model in response to COVID-19. 

Chances are, yours is too.

You may have already discovered gaps in your daily workflow being at home instead of the office.

In this new environment, you will need reliable solutions to maintain your business productivity.

Here are some things to think about in your planning, tools we use internally, 
and how CIO SOLUTIONS can help.



WFH Minimum Standards

Recommended Minimum Hardware & Software Standards

Upcoming Webinars

Leveraging Microsoft Teams

In these sessions we will review the various key functions of Microsoft Teams.
Sessions will include discussion, demonstration, and Q&A of:

File Sharing, Video Conferencing, Collaboration, Team and Channel Design, Forms, and Power BI.

Sheltering In Place...Now What?

As we move into this next phase of our new normal, many companies will discover that their current tech environment and tools are lacking relative to their new needs. They will find that in this new normal, the tools they have will be key to their functionality.

Your Business’ IT Preparedness Plan- COVID-19

Information Technology & Your Business Preparedness Plans COVID-19 has been making a lot of noise in the news lately. Due to increased restrictions and closures across the world, businesses are forced to consider what this will mean for their productivity.



How does CIO Private Cloud work?

Why is a cloud desktop more secure?

In this work from home era, many companies have been forced into the “BYO Device” model where employees need to use personal machines at home to do work.

Logging in to company applications and accessing data can be risky on employees’ personal machines. These machines may not meet your company’s security standards, and when employees perform work on them, company data may be vulnerable to whatever security gaps there are on that personal device.

However, if employees are using the CIO Private Cloud, it doesn’t matter if they are accessing their cloud desktop from a personal or company-provided device.

The employee simply opens a browser, logs into their secure cloud desktop (with all your security standards up to date and in place) and resumes work. No data or applications are being stored on the local, personal desktop.

In this work from home setting, the cloud provides your employees with an extra layer of protection that enables them to safely use any device they have available to get their work done.

How does the cloud increase productivity?

Since data is not limited to being stored on your physical computer (CIO’s private cloud services enable businesses to store their data and applications offsite in our secure data center), you can quickly and securely jump between devices hassle-free.

No need to reinstall essential applications, set up a new desktop, move files, or log into everything again. Simply open a browser, install the Citrix receiver software (if that device hasn’t been used to access the cloud before), and log in.

Within moments your desktop comes up, just as you left it, and your work can resume.

Is the cloud right for my business?

CIO Solutions Support

Our team of experienced support technicians is a constant in the chaos.

They remain ready and able to help our clients with their daily IT needs.

IT Consulting Services

CIO Solutions’ IT consulting services give you the advice and skills you need to get where you want to go quickly, on-schedule, and on-budget. Whether you are brand new to CIO or an existing client who has evolving technology needs, our goal is to design your IT solutions with the tools you need now, and versatility to adapt to your future plans. This is why our vCIOs work with your team to understand your current needs and future vision.

With a broad variety of clients in many different industries and a wealth of experience, our team of consultants is adept at providing your team with insightful planning guidance. We take the time to understand your business, your daily operations, and provide our recommendation on the technologies and tools that will fill those needs.

Consulting to Implementation- Our Process


Already using CIO Private Cloud?
Learn how to optimize certain applications for a seamless work from home experience!




Cloud Desktops

These tools allow secure access to your corporate desktop anytime, anywhere from any device.

Desktop: CIO Private Cloud

We use cloud desktops for all our applications and security. The CIO Private Cloud enables employees to log into their desktop from anywhere and on any device.

Multi-Factor Authentication: DUO

We use the desktop in conjunction with a Multi Factor Authentication software called Duo


We use a combination of:

  • ShoreTel IP Phones
  • Cell phones

Live Chat Support

Companies that offer customer support for their services may benefit from another support channel when working remotely.

Live Chat: Social Intents

We implemented a live chat feature on our website that integrates with Slack (implemented on 3/20). This gives our customer another channel to contact us of us outside phone and email.

Instant Messaging

Real time collaboration and communication is key to productivity. We have found that instant messaging is very effective for this. 

Instant Messaging: Slack

With multiple offices, Slack has been a key tool that we have been using for years for effective company communication. This is a very commonly used tool, so the 3rd party ecosystem is large which is an added benefit.

Instant Messaging: Microsoft Teams 

Many of our partners and clients also use Microsoft teams as their real-time communication tool. 

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing: Zoom 

We picked the Zoom solution a few months ago for room to room video conferencing. In the past couple of days our use of this tool has evolved from room to room to person to person.

The special thing about this tool for us is that it can be run directly in the cloud with its cloud optimization packs.

Document Signing

Document Signing: RightSignature

We use RightSignature to handle document and agreement signing.

This integrates directly with Sharefile for a secure and integrated ecosystem for sharing files with external parties.

File Sharing

File Sharing: ShareFile

We use ShareFile for secure sharing of documents. File sharing solutions such as ShareFileBox, and Dropbox are common tools. It’s worth noting as well that Microsoft Teams also allows sharing of files.

Expense Management

Expense Management: Expensify

We use Expensify for tracking and approving of employee expenses (company card, mileage etc).


Payroll & TimeCards:  Paylocity

We use Paylocity which which has all the web and mobile tools you need to handle payroll in a WFH environment. We have been using this tool for over 3 years. 

Accounts Receivable/Payable

Accounts Receivable/Payable:

We use a niche solution for AHC and Payments that connects to our ERP system. The system is called

This allows viewing, paying and approving bills online which prevents visits to PO boxes and check scanning.

ON-DEMAND Webinars

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