Your Business’ IT Preparedness Plan- COVID-19

  Information Technology & Your Business Preparedness Plans COVID-19 has been making a lot of noise in the news lately. Due to increased restrictions and closures across the world, businesses are forced to consider what this will mean for their productivity. As an IT partner and provider, CIO Solutions plays a critical role in not… Read more »

Employee Spotlight- Randy

NAME Randy JOB TITLE Dedicated Client Team   LOCATION San Luis Obispo Tell us a little about yourself! I have received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Software Engineering at University of Phoenix back in 2014. Traditional classroom working a different trade would not allow me for a normal schedule I wanted to initially create… Read more »

Fighting Friction

Fighting Friction By Russ Levanway, President In November, I attended the World of Business Ideas Conference in New York City with a group from the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce. (If you’ve never been, it’s a terrific conference, great for sparking ideas.) Amid the programming, one keynote from Zoe Chance stood out to me. She… Read more »

Employee Spotlight- Quicheeta

NAME Quicheeta  JOB TITLE Remote Support Specialist & Field Services Technician   LOCATION Santa Barbara Tell us a little about yourself! I was a theater major and some days I am still not sure how I wound up in a tech career, but I love the challenge of it, so that is a plus. I… Read more »

A Tale of Two Skill Sets

A Tale of Two Skill Sets By Russ Levanway, President Imagine a factory that manufactures parts for buses. All day, every day, the people in this factory work hard to follow protocol, solve problems when machinery fails, and hone their productivity and skill over time. Let’s say that one employee becomes especially good at making bus… Read more »

Employee Spotlight- Jeremy

NAME Jeremy JOB TITLE Remote Support Specialist LOCATION San Luis Obispo Tell us a little about yourself! I’m a gentleman rancher, a gaming nerd, a hobbyist sailor, and a tenacious problem solver. My wife, daughter and I moved back to the California’s Central Coast a few years ago to enjoy the unparalleled good climate and… Read more »

Employee Spotlight- Thomas

NAME Thomas JOB TITLE Remote Support Specialist LOCATION Santa Barbara Tell us a little about yourself! I’ve been around computers my whole life.   Where are you from? Born in Massachusetts but I have lived most of my life in California.   How long have you been working at CIO Solutions? 3 years If you… Read more »

Am I Getting Through?

Am I Getting Through? By Russ Levanway, President At one year after CIO Solutions brought on TekTegrity, we have a lot to celebrate, and a lot more still to do when it comes to integrating. It’s sort of like a marriage after one year: the vows have been spoken, the cake has been cut, the honeymoon… Read more »

Interoperability: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Interoperability: Can’t We All Just Get Along? By Russ Levanway, President I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the bleeding-edge new mobile phone that claims to defy categorization. If you haven’t seen it, the Galaxy Fold is a foldable smartphone with a barely discernible seam down the middle. The user literally unfolds… Read more »

Employee Spotlight- Stuart

Name Stuart  What's your job title? Rapid Response Team Which location do you work out of? Santa Barbara     Tell us a little about yourself! I'm a father, author (Spirit of Orn and Tall Men and Other Tales, to name a few.) and amateur guitar player. I work hard, play harder (by reading books,... Read more »